System Virtualization

A system disk is a bootable disk that can be used to start up a computer. It is a disk on which a system’s operating system is stored, and from which end-users starts their computing. In standard computing, this system disk is placed inside a PC, and an operating system must be installed on it. On a site with more computers, installation and management of these system disks are time consuming and painful. Each system disk may even become infected by viruses and malwares. Softonnet's system disk virtualization enables end-users to boot up their computers with remote virtual disk on a server. Client computers don’t require local hard disk to start up their computers, and installations of operating systems on thousands of computers are unnecessary. System disks are also reliable and free from any kind of infections, because they are only managed and controlled by a professional IT specialist on a central server.

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System Virtualization

  1. The administrator build the disk image from existing system disks.
  2. The system disk images can then be stored on the server.
  3. When the users turn on their computers, the server streams the system disk images.
  4. As the streaming begins, the users' system-disk-less computer will boot up as if the system disks are physically attached.

Disk Virtualization

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Software and Hardware Migration with System Virtualization

If you decide to change the hardware of computers, you may have to install operating systems, hardware drivers, and other application software on thousands of computers in your site. This can take more than a few weeks, and end-users may have to wait for the changes to happen. With Softonnet’s system disk virtualization, you can just make a virtual disk of a system, and distribute it to any number of client computers within your network. Time-consuming efforts to configure each computer are no longer necessary with system virtualization technology.

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Quick Fix and Instant Restoration


Computers in an organization are not only used by IT specialists. Almost all modern workers in every field of industries need computers to do certain tasks. Some of these people may be inexperienced in computing, and may have little knowledge in computer security and maintenance. They may accidently change the system configuration or download and run some malicious software. Softonnet’s system virtualization technology enables quick fix in the situation like this. If the problems are somewhat serious, the clients’ disks can be instantly restored back to the previous safe state. This saves much of administrators’ times and efforts, and so in return give great reduction in maintenance costs.

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