Cloud Computing

The Definition

"Internet-based computing in which large groups of remote servers are networked so as to allow sharing of data-processing tasks, centralized data storage, and online access to computer services or resources."
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As you can see, the definition of "cloud computing" well suits the products and solution Softonnet Inc. provides. Combination of Softonnet's core technology makes possible the Internet-based computing, allows sharing of data-processing tasks, and enables central management of data storage. Following is some of the core technologies that we have provided to thousands of our customers.

Softonnet's Core Technologies for Cloud Computing

  • On-demand-base application and disk streaming
  • application and disk virtualization
  • Large distributed file system computing
  • Provisioning engine
  • SLA, security and data share core engine

Following configuration shows how our solutions can be combined and used together as a cloud computing environment.

ZCloud Diagram

On an environment with the configuration above, end-users can boot their computer with any operating systems stored in Z!BootOS Server (System Disk Virtualization). Once their computers are on, they can use any software on Z!Stream Server (Application Virtualization) without installations. If they need to use different system for collaborated works or for enhanced security, they can use Z!Desktop service (Desktop Virtualization) to instantly access the virtual desktop. Throughout these processes all the massive data such as disk images and application packages can be stored in and managed by network-attached Z!Storage solution (Storage Disk Virtualization).

Virtualization with Flexible Massive Network Storage

Storage Virtualization

Among many technological fields that cloud computing talks about, what most people would think of is the online storage. Softonnet provides flexible massive network storage that can be attached to any devices and any modules with the Internet or intranet connection. Other virtualization solutions (application, system disk, desktop environment virtualization) combined with this network storage bring the cloud era closers to the world and your organization.

"The Complete Cloud" Computing Environment

The Complete Cloud Computing Environment

  • The idea of "the complete cloud" is made possible with Softonnet's solutions and products.
  • The cloud servers contain virtual application pool, virtual machine pool, virtual system disk pool, and virtual massive storage.
  • When end-users turn on their computer, the virtual system disks with operating system installed quickly get streamed into the users' local machines, and the remote systems boot up as if they are locally installed.
  • In the case when the users want to run an application, likewise, the virtual application quickly get streamed into the users' local machines, and get launched.
  • If the end-users need another computing environment with different OS or configuration, they can access the virtual machines on the server right away.
  • In the whole process of streaming, virtualization, and the user use, the data is stored and centrally managed in the virtual massive storage.
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