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Success will not lower its standard to us.  We must raise our standard to success.

- Rev. Randall R. McBride, Jr.




Ingredients for Success

Our clients' success is our success.
The technology and user-oriented extra features we provide work as the ingredients for the mutual success.

global success 

Efficient Use of Network

  • Softonnet’s patented on-demand-base network streaming technology made possible to transfer only necessary portion of data, and so has enabled better computing experiences.

Simple yet Thorough Management

  • Even in an organization with hundreds and thousands of software and systems, one administrator can manage the whole IT resources with our user-friendly management tools.

Visual Statistical Data

  • The manager can monitor the use of software and other IT resources in real-time. Visual statistical data for each use help manager plan for cost efficient purchase of IT resources.

Enhanced Security

  • Along with Softonnet’s data encryption technology, logical network separation and central management system has enhanced the security of various organizations.

The Highest Concurrent Use

  • Smart load balancing and distributed processing technology of our servers have maximized the concurrent client use.

Great Reduction in TCO

  • Softonnet’s technology has minimized the time and labor needed for system and software installation, resource management, and technical support, and hence have greatly reduced the operational cost.



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Softonnet’s technology has maximized the efficient use of resource in a limited network band. Enterprises in various industries and of different sizes, from small-medium businesses to multinational corporations, have experienced great cost reduction in IT resource management. No additional purchase of IT infrastructures was needed, since Softonnet’s solutions have maximized the use of their existing server resources.


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We have helped many government offices raise their work stability and continuity. In many cases, government offices don’t have enough IT specialists who can deal with the technical difficulties and frequent software updates and system reinstallation. Furthermore, as software and system update cycle gets shorter, cost of labor and time increases day after day. Our products and solutions made possible the simple, central management of all applications and systems, and so have helped the offices minimize the TCO.


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Computers in schools, especially in universities, are often placed in different computer labs according to the operating system and software they are installed within. Students often have to switch between computer classes to use the system and software they need. Professors and teaching assistants also have to reinstall and update the software according to the different classes they have. Softonnet’s virtualization technologies have solved these difficulties and inefficiencies in many universities and schools. We have provided the virtual environment in which students can directly use whatever system and software they need from the server. Our solutions have helped professors and teaching assistants easily manage the system and software on the labs. 

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