Storage Virtualization

Our storage virtualization solution has some similarities with the system disk virtualization, but it gives more flexibility and possibility to the use of the virtual disk. Hard disks often time are physically attached to servers or client computers, but this traditional configuration causes great difficulty on data management and security. With a virtual storage, the disk size can be dynamically increased or reduced, and the storage can be easily and securely attached to any devices. The data is secluded and centrally managed, so the security is ensured.

 Flexible Virtual Storage Virtualization

  1. Exsisting small disks can be aggreaged into a massive network attached storage (NAS).
  2. The aggregated disk is controlled and monitored by the storage server in realtime.
  3. The storage can be dynamically attached to any devices on the network.
  4. The disk is now virtualized, and so can be used as if it is physically attached on the devices.

Storage Virtualization

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Data Management by Storage Virtualization

storage management 

In the case when an organization has to change their software and hardware, one of the most important processes is to back up the data. Traditional ways of local disk management can pose threat to security of the data. In the process, the data can be accidently overwritten, or can be leaked out. With Softonnet’s storage disk virtualization, the data is managed in the central server, and can be virtually and flexibly attached to any other devices. Therefore the data won’t get moved or modified in the process.

Possible threats to confidential data leaks can be well prevented with the security measures we take in the central storage server. Network separation technique further boosts the security of your data.

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