Ai Eye X-Ray

Deep Learning Based Advanced Airport Checkpoint X-Ray System

  • Ready For Automated X-Ray Inspection System
  • Complete Analysis Requirements
  • Rich Experiences
  • Highly Accurate Dual Auto Screening

Ai Eye X-Ray Working Demo


The A.I. based X-Ray automated dectection system will be upgraded stage by stage to read out all dangerous items with increased accuracy.


  • SOFTonNET's Ai Eye X-Ray is a software of automated threat detection in X-Ray baggage screening system with deep learning algorithm.
  • It detects 25 categorized dangerous items defined by MOLITI(Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) with high accuracy.
  • SOFTonNET had built a dataset with over 2 millions of images collected semi-automatic way by annotating numerous scanned bags with different objects and orientation in a lab and real environment. What this means is that the semi-automatic data collection enables realistic samples with the flexibility to produce any combination and to train reliable supervised methods.
  • SOFTonNET also extended the dataset with another several hundred thousand images captured from real working baggage screening X-Ray system at IIAC.
  • Deep learning algorithm is trained with scanned images using pre-processed RGB coloration from HI-SCAN 6040-2is.
  • The current released version of Ai Eye X-Ray shows simply overlaying an additional detection output on two add-on display monitors. HI-SCAN 6040-2is has an on-board computer and two monitors to construct display images from the output of the X-Ray photon detectors and algorithm for explosives detections, i.e., the current release left these functionalities untouched.
  • Ai Eye X-Ray solution's Dual Mode Detection System analyses X-Ray scanned image in two times: one on a client-side workstation with two Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 for horizontal and vertical image analysis each, and the other on server-side with high computing power with 2 Nvidia V-100 GPU boards for in-depth image analysis concurrently the clients.

Application Case : Incheon Airport

aieye xray icn 01

What will the A.I. based X-Ray Auto Inspection system look like at Incheon Airport in the future?

aieye xray icn 02At present, the system can automatically check if some dangerous items, such as knives or guns, are hidden in passengers' baggage. Moreover, if it's difficult to read things correctly, the system alerts inspectors to decide if the baggage needs be opened up and in-depth inspection.

If the A.I. solution can analyze all dangerous items quickly and accurately the capability of security check at Incheon International Airport becomes the world's top class. Thanks to the advanced A.I. solution, the working conditions of X-Ray inspectors have been improved, too!

Incheon Airport is the first airport in the world that introduces A.I. based X-Ray automatic Inspection system!

aieye xray icn 02

In November 2019, the 'A.I. based X-Ray Automatic Inspection System' started its test operation at the security checkpoint of Incheon Airport Terminal 2. To make a convenient and safe trip for passengers.

Incheon Airport always put 'safety' first! For an accurate A.I. based X-Ray automatic inspection system, please keep eyes on it!

Using the A.I. solution, Incheon International Airport will continue to become the safest and most convenient airport for world travelers.

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