Application Virtualization


Softonnet's application virtualization allows computing resources to be distributed dynamically in real time. In traditional computing environment, end-users often time had to install the software prior to the deployment. Software installation process, which sometime takes longer period of times, modifies the system settings and data in local hard disk. These modifications, as more applications are installed, cause conflicts among different applications, and even between an application and the system. With Softonnet’s application virtualization solution, each application runs with its own set of configurations on a virtual environment without installation. This virtually layered computing environment provides enhanced security and reliability to the end-users.

Application Virtualization from Servers

  1. Software pack is made by the pack builder, or it can be provided by us.
  2. The administrator uploads software packs on the server
  3. When the users launches the application, server streams it to the users in realtime.
  4. As the streaming process begins, the application is virtualized as if it is installled in the local machine.

Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization from a Portable Device

  1. Store the software pack on the device storage.
  2. When the user launches the application, the application gets streamed.
  3. As the streaming process begins, the user can use the software as if it is locally installed.

Portable Application Virtualization 

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Software Migration with Application Virtualization


With application virtualization solution, you can just upload a new version of software on the central server, and the end-users can use the latest software without installation. The software migration process for thousands of client computers is done just with a few clicks at your desk. The clients also still can use the older versions of software, since the each version of software runs on virtual environment of the local machines.

Software License Management & Distribution

Our application virtualization technology catalyzes the efficient use and management of each software license. The distribution of software no longer takes the physical means. Rather, it is simply done by on-demand based application streaming from the server. The administrator can assign which software to be distributed to whom on his or her own desk. The thorough statistical data that we provide also gives the idea of how your purchased software licenses are used. This new way of central management of software and its license enables your organization achieves great TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) reduction.

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