Disk virtualization solution that provides complete, remote IT management environment

  • Greatly Reduces desktop management costs
  • Greatly Reduces software and hardware maintenance costs
  • Quick, onsite fix of end-users technical difficulties
  • Increase productivity by providing the task-oriented computing environment
  • Enables highly secured cloud computing environment
  • Save time on software patches and updates

ZBootOS Diagram


Z!BootOS is a network based disk virtualization solution that comes with powerful client and disk management console. Regardless of the operating system installed, any type of system disk can be easily converted into a disk image and stored in the server just with a few clicks. Once the images are stored, end-users can boot up their computers with any of these images. Their boot-up disk can be assigned or they can freely select the disk they want to boot up with.


There is no performance degradation since the data streaming is done on on-demand-bassis. The manager no longer have to deal with end-users' system issues directly, and with the management console, tedious, time consuming maintenance work can be done as simple as a few clicks. Some of the features include remote desktop service, script runner, eco power management and statistics. On our consumer reports it is proved that TCO (total cost of ownership) of IT assets maintenance has been reduced greatly. A direct competitor is Citrix PVS (Provisioning Server).

ZBootOS User Scenario

ZBootOS Use Case 1

  1. Manager build a system disk image of any operating system.
    • Z!BootOS client module will automatically do this with a single click.
  2. Once the disk image is created, the manager specifies which client or client groups will use this disk image.
    • Z!BootOS management console module provides user-friendly graphical interface to efficiently manage the disks and clients.

ZBootOS Use Case 2

  1. End-users boot up their PCs with the disk images in the server.
    • End-users do not need local hard disks for the booting.
    • Booting is stable and fast with Softonnet’s patented on-demand base streaming technology.
  2. End-users use the ready-made cloud computing environment securely and efficiently.
    •  End-users can focus only on their task with the task-specified system disk provided.
  3. The manager can remotely access the end-users’ PCs and resolve any technical diffculties on his or her own desk.
    • Z!BootOS management console module comes with various useful extra features that help managing the clients and client groups.


  • One click disk image backup and restore
  • User-friendly graphical interface management console
  • Reliable disk distribution by load balancing mechanism
  • Central monitoring of the client PCs and the disk usages
  • Thorough statistics of usage, electric costs, and more
  • Fully featured, customizable remote desktop connection
  • Instantly run batch scripts on multiple clients
  • Smart power management features
  • IMG and fixed, dynamic VHD disk type supported
  • Disk snapshot features on VHD disks
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