Deep Learning based A.I. Vision Solution, Ai Eye.

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Our Ai Eye's automatic surveillance, analysis, recognition functions offer more possibilities for your work  and life.

Ai Eye surveils threatening events, such as, intrusion , loitering, fall down,  abandonment, reverse traffic, catching fire, etc. Ai Eye can analyze people count, coludness, traffic flow, heat map. parking lot. Recognition is also served widly with not only CCTV but also X-Ray images. It can be applied in SMART Factory for quality controls with defactor detection.

Security Facilities like Airport, Government,  Institute and Video Surveillance Domain like traffic control, parking lot management, box office are the customer Ai Eye can offer the most valuelook more details of Ai Eye Xray ...

AiEye@AirPort : Smart Airport

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Softonnet Inc. is a Japan-Korea based software company that focuses heavily on Ai/Deep Learning and virtualization technology. We are currently looking for global partnerships to expand our software marketing channel. If you are interested, please visit our contact us page .

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