Customizable high-performance network-attached massive storage system (NAS)

  • Greatly reduces the data management cost
  • Save introduction costs by reusing spare hard disks
  • Maximizes the use and performance of data storage

ZStorage Diagram


Z!Storage can be accessed by VDI and local servers as a NAS massive storage system. It can be used as an independent massive file system with customizable high-performance file cluster. Also, it can be used as an independent and an optimally customized file system for the Internet services such as UCC, IPTV, storage hosting, and much more. Z!Storage can scale to tens of thousands of storage nodes and Exabyte of storage space.

Linear scaling of storage nodes increases I/O performance on commodity hardware environment. The file system has asymmetric cluster architecture, i.e., separate metadata path from data path on metadata server, data servers, and client file system. Metadata server is responsible for metadata management and monitoring on system status. Data is striped and stored on data servers.

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ZStorage User Scenario

ZStorage Use Case 1

  1. Manager physically constructs Z!Storage server with existing spare hard disks.
    • Z!Storage provides back-end guide for disk aggregation so that it can reuse and integrate the existing spare hard disks and build a high performance massive file system which are dynamically attachable to any other modules.
  2. Manager configures the performance, scalability, size, and extra settings for Z!Storage to make it ready for the network attachment.
    • Z!Storage controller provides various options to make the virtual disk compatible and attachable to different devices and modules.
  3. Manager configures the network attachment of the storage and other 3rd party modules or systems can use the storage as if it is physically attached.

ZStorage Use Case 2


  • Highly scalable space and throughput management
  • Storage and performance aggregation
  • Non-stop storage service
  • Cost efficient data and disk management
  • Simple, intelligent storage control
  • POSIC compliance
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