Desktop Virtualization

A common computing system comes with an operating system installed on a local hard disk. Sometimes more than one operating system is installed on a local hard disk, but this configuration requires a rebooting process in order to use another OS. Softonnet’s desktop virtualization solution enables end-users to access virtual machines on a server quickly with a few clicks. Server resources are carefully managed to avoid any possible overhead, and maximize the efficiency while minimizing the cost.

Desktop Virtualization with Virtual Machines

  1. Virtual machines (VM) are built in the server by administrator.
  2. The virtual machines are managed and monitored in the server.
  3. When the users access the VMs, the desktop environments of VMs are provided.
  4. Desktops of VMs in the server are virtualized, and the users can have another network separated computing environments.

Desktop Virtualization

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Logical Network Separation with Desktop Virtualization

  • Each user can have more than one remote desktop environments on different network.
  • User's local machine is in the Internet network, while remote desktops are in the intranet network.
  • Works that require extra security can be done on secure intranet network.
  • Find more about network separation on this page.
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