Application virtualization solution that enables clients’ software deployment from server

  • Greatly Reduces application management costs
  • Maximize software license usability
  • Smartly manage software versions and usage
  • Reduce software update and migration costs
  • Save time on software patches and updates
  • Stay clean without software installation and version conflicts

ZStream Diagram


Z!Stream is a back-end application library that streams apps to clients by on-demand basis. Z!Stream competes directly with Citrix XenApp, VMware thinapp, and MS App-V. Z!Stream provides centralized SaaS management services for Windows apps and it is very much required for cloud computing services. Windows applications in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model is one increasingly popular option relatively to web applications that have limitations, often in performance or features, and require the software vendor to completely reprogram their Windows software to work over a browser.

box software

Traditional Windows software can be problematic for many end customers on cloud service domains. The cost and pain of installation, license management, upgrades, and usage reporting are often considered hassles by customers. In particular, those who have resource-intensive, graphics-heavy, or client-server applications that they rely on for their daily business, Z!Stream deploys those applications to clients directly from the server. Once end-users launch the app, and it behaves as if the application were locally installed. There is no performance degradation or whatsoever.

ZStream User Scenario

ZStream Use Case 1

  1. Manager build an Z!Stream application pack.
    • Z!Stream pack builder module provide graphical user interface to build an application package.
    • Softonnet Inc. has ready-made pack for most of major desktop software.
  2. Manager uploads the application pack on the server.
    • Z!Stream administration web provides user-friendly graphical interface to upload the pack and efficiently manage the pack and related licenses.

ZStream Use Case 2

  1. End-users launch Z!Stream web desktop module, and launch the software they want to use.
    • End-users do not need to undergo time-consuming software installation.
    • Application runs quickly and stably with Softonnet’s patented on-demand base streaming technology.
  2. End-users use the software on any machines within in the network.
    • Only the necessary portions of the application are streamed as the users use the software.
  3. The manager monitors the usage of each application packs and review the statistics of each license usage.
    • Z!Stream administrator web provides thorough statistical data and monitoring module of client connections.


  • Use software with a single click without installation
  • User-friendly graphical application and license management interface
  • Central monitoring and management of the application usage
  • Thorough statistics of application and license usage
  • Fully featured, customizable application launcher on the web
  • Easy integration with existing enterprise intranet
  • Install the server on existing server or desktop PCs
  • Smart and reliable load balancing mechanism
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