Portable application virtualization solution, use your software on any PCs without installation!

  • Maximize the usage of software license by using the application anywhere you go
  • Increase productivity by providing portable workspace
  • Enhance reliability by separating operating system and applications
  • Personal data protection with user access control
  • Fast and reliable application use without installation
  • Supports any type of portable media

ZPack Diagram


End-user can store any of their Windows application on their portable media, from USB flash drive to cellular phone with external memory card. Windows application can be converted in to a single file called "Pack," and once this file is stored in the portable media, end-users can use their software in any Windows environment without installation of the application. Just plug in the media and run the software that's all you need! The solution comes with other portable-oriented features such as password protection, licensing, and file management.

portable device

ZPack User Scenario

  1. User builds an application pack or downloads it from the pack database.
    • Z!Pack builder module provides user-friendly graphical user interface to build a portable application pack.
    • Softonnet Inc. has ready-made portable packs for most of major desktop software.
  2. User register the application pack to Z!Pack launcher.
    • The application pack can be registered simply by dragging and dropping the pack file on Z!Pack launcher.
  3. User plugs in the Z!Pack installed device on any Windows installed PCs.
    • Z!Pack launchpad automatically starts and shows the list of available applications.
  4. User double clicks the application icon, and the application starts as if it is installed on the local disk.
    • Z!Pack streams the application on on-demand basis, so only the application runs quickly.

ZPack Use Case

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