In recent decade, Information Technology has undergone rapid transformation. The phase of the change is higher than it has ever been before. As technology advances, new software and hardware with better features and performance emerge, and industry standards become higher day after day.

Software and hardware migration is the process of replacing the old IT resources to new, better ones. Software and hardware migration nowadays became a common practice that often takes place in many organizations. Although it is necessary, in order to make use of better technologies and to meet the new business needs, the migration can be very daunting for it can risk the ongoing works and productivity of the organizations. Furthermore, the financial cost of migration can be excessively high especially for small and medium enterprises.

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Softonnet’s products and technologies have been the answer for the dilemma of migration. We have helped various organizations with the software and hardware migration without any risks. Our virtualization solutions made possible the efficient live migration of software and hardware.

Case Study - Application Virtualization

Multinational company AAA has employee strength of more than 50,000 worldwide. Proportional to the size of the company, it has thousands of copies of software disks. Even though they had number of volume license contracts, management of these licenses and physical disks were very difficult and labor, time consuming.

When the company had to change the obsolete computers or purchase new version of software, it had to undergo redundant tasks of operating system installation, driver installation, and software installation. Company AAA finally decided to use Softonnet’s application virtualization product Z!Stream to ease the software migration process. Instead of using physical disks to distribute software, it now uploads the software pack onto three different servers nationwide.

With a few clicks, the software manager now assigns which software to be used by whom on his own desk. The manager now sees the statistical data of software license usage, and makes smarter decision on next purchase of software licenses. In 2012, the company replaced their computers and switched its operating system to Windows 7 x64. The company didn’t have to undergo daunting reinstallations of software.

Case Study - System Disk Virtualization

Government office BBB had about 1,000 computers, operating with Windows XP. As new Windows 7 were released, the office decided to replace its old operating system. However, since the computers were being used for important government works that deal with thousands of citizens every day, migration could risk the ongoing works of the office.

The office BBB finally decided to adopt Softonnet’s system virtualization product Z!BootOS. The system manager of the office made a system disk image with new operating system and some software installed, and distributed to the storage servers. After a few clicks of disk image assignments, the operating system migration is complete.

The manager didn’t have to install operating systems on a thousand computers, nor had he to install the software on each machine. Employees turn on their computers, and one already configured system disk that was built by the manager is streamed to a thousand of computers. The computers boot up with the new operating system and software as if it is locally installed.

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