Solutions Overview

Combination of technologies sometimes creates great synergy in productivity and efficiency. Softonnet’s decade long experiences in virtualization now greatly combines with cloud computing technologies, and have brought the new ways of computing.

The following is just a few examples of how Softonnet's technologies can be combined into great virtualization and cloud computing IT solutions. The possibilites are endless as our technologies are in constant momentum.

Integrated Virtualization

  • The Hesitation of Technology Adoption
  • The Risk-free Integration of Technologies

Network Separation

  • Logical Network Separation
  • Data - Control - View Separation

Cloud Computing

  • Virtualization with Flexible Massive Network Storage
  • Complete Cloud Computing Environment

Each of our products deals with virtual layers for computing: operating system, application, and storage. By combining and customizing each module, we provide concrete efficient solution for virtulization and cloud computing.

Solutions Overview

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