Virtual desktop solution (VDI) that allows instant access to any virtual machines on server

  • Greatly reduces the hardware introduction cost
  • Greatly reduces the maintenance cost
  • Reuse existing server resource
  • Maximizes idle server hardware resources
  • Increase productivity by providing extra purpose-specific computing environments
  • Enhance security by cloud-based data, system and view separation

ZDesktop Diagram


Z!Desktop is a Xen hypervisor based VDI solution with VM management utilities. Its direct competitors include Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View. Once the virtual machines are created on the server, end-users can instantly access the desktop environments of any operating system. Template based VM management enables easy, efficient management of VMs on the server, and the smart resource controller maximizes the use of server resource without hindering the overall performance of the server.

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ZDesktop User Scenario

ZDesktop Use Case 1

  1. Manager creates virtual machine of any Windows or Unix-based operating systems on the server.
    • Z!Desktop server console provides user-friendly graphical interface to create and modify the virtual machines.
  2. Manager assigns VM access permission to the end-users or end-user groups.
    • Z!Desktop server console comes with fully featured user and VM management user interface.

ZDesktop Use Case 2

    1. End-users launch the Z!Desktop client module and start the VM of their choices.
      • Virtual desktop environment runs in the server, and the end-users can access and use ready-made computing environment on the server from their own desk without consuming local hardware resources.
    2. Manager can monitor and efficiently control the users’ VM access.
      • The server module comes with the smart user VM access management module to minimize the server load.
      • The server module maximizes the use of server’s resources by controlling the server’s idle hardware resources, such as CPUs and memories.


    • Template based VM image management
    • Per user disk image management
    • Data-system separation for extra protection
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN) for enhanced security
    • Efficient server management and monitoring service
    • Easy image conversion of V2V, P2V and V2P
    • Efficient load balancing and live migration
    • Integrated LDAP and VM fault-tolerance
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