What We Do

Softonnet Inc. provides virtualization products and solutions for various types of organizations. We have helped numerous enterprises, universities and government offices in Japan and Korea reduce their operating costs and increase productivity and efficiency. Our technologies act as building blocks of the complete cloud computing environment, in which central distribution and management of system and application are possible. Some of our technologies are briefly described below.

Application & Disk Virtualization

Application and Disk Virtualization
  • Boots up a hard-drive-less computer with a disk image on the server
  • Enables software on the server or portable media to run on a virtual layer of local machine without installation
  • Supports (SaaS) Software as a Service mechanism on cloud computing environments
  • Instant remote access to virtual desktop environment on the server

 Software Streaming

Software Streaming
  • On-demand based application and operating system streaming
  • Only the necessary portions of software are streamed at a time
  • Fast and efficient deployment of virtualized application and system

Flight Control System Virtualization

Flight Control System Virtualization
  • Operating system virtualization technology for flight control system
  • Higher stability and reliability of aviation control with ARNIC-653 software specification
  • Provides standardized DDS (Data Distribution Service) solution

Technologies for Education

Technologies for Education
  • Real-time solution and software for interactive education
  • Virtualized computing environment for school computer lab
  • Personal virtual desktop and operating system for each student

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing
  • Flexible massive NAS (Network Attached Storage) solution
  • Dynamic cloud storage resizing with existing hard disks
  • Virtual operation of software and disks on cloud storage
  • Central management of application, system disks and physical devices
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