Management Problem

  • Software is dispersed within the organization.
  • Each enduser has different system configuration.
  • Confidential data are stored in each computer and are not secure.
  • Insufficient IT specialist to deal with technical difficulties.
  • Cost of installation and restoration proportionally increases with the number of machines.

central management

Some organizations operate hundreds and thousands of computers. In standard computing environment, managing these sites may require numerous IT specialists, and even with these people, solving technical issues and managing software updates and changes can be very much time consuming.

Our products and solutions bring forth the next-generation central IT management, and so make the IT resource management as simple as possible.

Case Study – System Disk Virtualization

Call Center CCC is run by a government. There are around 800 computers which are used mainly for in-bound call reception. Most of the employees have less knowledge in computer security, and often change the seats because of the part-time shift. Computers for in-bound call reception must be highly stable, but they were often time infected with viruses and malwares. Labor cost of maintenance was gradually increasing as more computers are affected by the malwares.

The call center finally decided to adopt Softonnet’s system disk virtualization product Z!BootOS to virtually manage the system disks of the employees’ computers. The manager created a purpose-specific read-only system disk image, and distributed to the servers. Now the employees boot up with the disk image on the servers, and the disk image is managed by one manager.

If any technical difficulty occurs, the manager remotely accesses the end-user’s desktop and fix the problem on his own desk. The manager also controls hundreds of end-users’ computers at a time by running shell scripts collectively. He also monitor the estimated electric cost of end-users’ computers, and efficiently control the power of them.

By introducing Softonnet’s system disk virtualization product Z!BootOS, the call center has greatly reduced the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), and increased the productivity of its employees.

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