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Since the establishment in 1998, Softonnet Inc. has been the leading company in software and disk virtualization market of East Asia. Softonnet's on-demand-based streaming technology, along with disk virtualization technology and others, greatly combine together to provide the complete cloud computing environment. Following is the typical configuration that shows how our solutions can be combined and used together.

On an environment with the configuration above, end-users can boot their computer with any operating systems stored in Z!BootOS Server. Once their computers are on, they can use any software on Z!Stream Server without installations. If they need to use different system for collaborated works or for enhanced security, they can use Z!Desktop service to instantly access the virtual desktop. Throughout these processes all the massive data such as disk images and application packages can be stored in and managed by network-attached Z!Storage solution.


Company NameSoftonnet Inc. (+82) 2-3484-0524
TechnologyVirtualization and Complete Cloud Computing Environment
Date of EstablishmentAugust 1st, 1999
CEOSong, Dong-ho
Headquarters6F., Goodman Tower, 689-2 Yeoksam-dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-080 Korea
Softonnet JapanSotokandaCenter Bldg.6F, 6-15-12 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Japan


Softonnet Inc. is a Japan-Korea based software company that focuses heavily on virtualization technology and cloud system. We are currently looking for global partnerships to expand our software marketing channel. If it is possible please take a few minutes to consider our proposal.

We want to use regional and global IT service marketing channel to sell our products, and give the appropriate portion of the sales revenue. We have some IT solutions and software that you may find interesting. These solutions have been sold to more than 1,000 sites in Japan and more than 400 sites in Korea. Fujitsu and Fuji Electronics are some of our major sales channels in Japanese market that sell these products. If it is possible we hope you can include some of our products on your sales catalogue.

If you would further like to discuss on the matter, please send an email to We are open to any type of discussion so please don't hesitate to contact us.


Application virtualization solution that enables clients' software deployment from server

Features & Benefits

Z!Stream is a back-end application library that streams apps to clients by on-demand basis. Z!Stream competes directly with Citrix XenApp, VMware thinapp, and MS App-V. Z!Stream provides centralized SaaS management services for Windows apps and it is very much required for cloud computing services. Windows applications in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model is one increasingly popular option relatively to web applications that have limitations, often in performance or features, and require the software vendor to completely reprogram their Windows software to work over a browser. Traditional Windows software can be problematic for many end customers on cloud service domains. The cost and pain of installation, license management, upgrades, and usage reporting are often considered hassles by customers. In particular, those who have resource-intensive, graphics-heavy, or client-server applications that they rely on for their daily business, Z!Stream deploys those applications to clients directly from the server. Once end-users launch the app, and it behaves as if the application were locally installed. There is no performance degradation or whatsoever.


Disk virtualization solution that provides complete, remote IT management environment

Features & Benefits

Z!BootOS is a network based disk virtualization solution that comes with very powerful client and disk management console. Regardless of the operating system installed, any type of system disk can be easily converted into a disk image and stored in the server just with a few clicks. Once the images are stored, end-users can boot up their computers with any of these images. Their boot-up disk can be assigned or they can freely select the disk they want to boot up with. There is no performance degradation since the data streaming is done on on-demand-bassis. The manager no longer have to deal with end-users' system issues directly, and with the management console, tedious, time consuming maintenance work can be done as simple as a few clicks. Some of the features include remote desktop service, script runner, eco power management and statistics. On our consumer reports it is proved that TCO (total cost of ownership) of IT assets maintenance has been reduced greatly. A direct competitor is Citrix PVS (Provisioning Server).


Portable application virtualization solution by which end-users can use their software anywhere

Features & Benefits

End-user can put any of their Windows application on their portable media, from USB flash drive to cellular phone with external memory card. Windows application can be converted in to a single file called "Pack," and once this file is stored in the portable media, end-users can use their software in any Windows environment without installation of the application. Just plug in the media and run the software that's all you need! The solution comes with other portable-oriented features such as password protection, licensing, and file management.


Virtual desktop solution (VDI) that allows end-users to instantly use any virtual machines on server

Features & Benefits

Z!Desktop is a Xen hypervisor based VDI solution with VM management utilities. Its direct competitors include Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View. Once the images are stored on the server, end-users can instantly access the desktop environments of any operating system. Template based VM management enables easy, efficient management of VMs on the server.


Customizable high-performance network-attached massive storage system (NAS)

Features & Benefits

Z!Storage can be accessed by VDI and local servers as a NAS massive storage system. It can be used as an independent massive file system with customizable high-performance file cluster. Also, it can be used as an independent and an optimally customized file system for the Internet services such as UCC, IPTV, storage hosting, and much more. Z!Storage can scale to tens of thousands of storage nodes and Exabyte of storage space. Linear scaling of storage nodes increases I/O performance on commodity hardware environment. The file system has asymmetric cluster architecture, i.e., separate metadata path from data path on metadata server, data servers, and client file system. Metadata server is responsible for metadata management and monitoring on system status. Data is striped and stored on data servers.


Interactive lecture solution that allows better learning environment with IT technology

ezsCOMM is an interactive lecture solution that allows better learning environment with IT technology. Students interactively answer to the lecturer's questions, and lecturer can remotely access student's computers to assist and proctor. ezsComm comes with various educational features to support traditional on-class lecture, and the efficiency is proved by many universities in Japan.

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